What is Tradelink Business Connect?

Tradelink Business Connect is a free e-market place provided by Tradelink to our customers. It provides the trade and logistics industries around the world a FREE online platform for business matching and generating new business opportunity. With Tradelink Business Connect, suppliers can showcase their products and services to local and overseas potential customers, while buyers can source the right products and services provided by the suppliers.
Who can use this service?
This service is offered to all Tradelink customers.
What are the available features?
The service offers:
  • Well-designed template for suppliers to display their company profile, company logo, contact information, product information as well as product image.
  • Each company can upload up to 15 items of products.
  • 2MB storage space for each company to host their information.

How can I update the company and product/ service information?
To upload your company and product / service information, please follow the simple steps below:
  • Enter your login ID and password at the "Update Your Website" of Tradelink Business Connect.
  • Input details to "Company Information", "Contact Information" or "Product / Service Description".
  • Press "Upload" and "Confirm" when you have finished updating the information.
Please click here for the "Step-by-step Guide".

How frequently can I update the company and product / service information and how much does it cost?

Tradelink Business Connect allows customers to have free, and unlimited updates on their company and product / service information.
What kind of product information can I showcase on the webpage?
Product / service names, code / serial number, pricing information, minimum order quantity, product / service description and the relevant product photos can be shown on the webpage.
How can I upload images to my webpage?
You can create your product images with a scanner or digital camera and save them to your computer as GIF or JPEG format. When you add the images to the webpage, click the "Browse" button and select the desired photos from your computer. Then choose "selected image" and press "Upload".
How to edit the images with graphic software?
There are several photo-editing softwares available on the market. You can also download software, such as GIMP to edit the images.

It is an open source project under GNU General Public License (GPL).
Details: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-win/
What are the requirements for uploading the images?
The images can be either in GIF or JPG format. The dimensions of the company logo should be 144 pixels (w) x 72 pixels (h) with maximum 20KB in file size. The dimensions of the product / service photo should be 130 pixels (w) x 100 pixels (h) with maximum 20KB in file size. If you upload images with sizes different from the above mentioned, the images will be shrunk or stretched. The system will check the file sizes and reject to upload those images with file size exceeding the pre-set limits.
Can I create my webpage without uploading any images?
Yes, you can create your own pages without uploading any images. If you do not upload your company logo or product / service images, a default image will be placed in your webpage.
How long does it take for the uploaded webpage to be published on the webpage?
The updated webpage will be published instantly after you have clicked the "Upload" and "Confirm" buttons.
Will all uploaded information be published to the webpages?
It is the customer's sole responsibility to make sure that all the materials uploaded to Tradelink Business Connect are accurate, decent and appropriate to be presented in its company¡¦s webpages. Tradelink will bear no responsibility on whatever information posted to the customer¡¦s webpage and any consequences caused. However, Tradelink reserves the absolute right to reject the publishing of particular information or to delete any pages or information published.
Can visitors other than Tradelink customers search for company information or products / services from Tradelink Business Connect?
Yes, visitors other than Tradelink customers can search for information from Tradelink Business Connect.
What are the benefits of using Tradelink Business Connect?

  • FREE promotional channel to showcase and market your products and services to potential customers worldwide and to generate new business opportunities.
  • Provide updated product and service information in a timely manner.
  • A spectrum of products and services for buyers¡¦ selection with a fingertip.
  • No investment in system or equipment.
  • Enable our customers to quickly set up and launch their websites / e-commerce businesses at ease and without additional investment.
  • Reliable technical and customer provided by Tradelink.
  • User-friendly administration and maintenance.

What kind of measures are being adopted to ensure the security of Tradelink Business Connect and to avoid attacks from hackers and virus?
Tradelink deploys a secured server to host your information. We take every precaution to ensure the security of your information and also all the customer data that we have collected is protected against unauthorized access. When customers register for Tradelink Business Connect, the information will be stored in our secured database which is protected by firewall. Any accesses to update company profile or product / service information will be authenticated by unique login IDs and passwords.
What can I do if I have any question when using the Tradelink Business Connect?
Should a customer comes across with any question when he uses Tradelink Business Connect or has any comment on our service, please send an e-mail to custserv@tradelink.com.hk or call our Customer Service Hotline at 2917 8888.

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