Tradelink Business Connect ¡V a FREE online marketplace for buyers and sellers

Tradelink Business Connect is a Business-to-Business (B2B) online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together in a dynamic trading community. It provides all industries around the world a complete and FREE online platform for business matching and development. With Tradelink Business Connect, suppliers can showcase their products and services to local and overseas potential customers, while buyers can source the products and services provided by the suppliers via the online platform.

Join the Tradelink Business Connect and you will get the benefits from Tradelink for your business.

  • FREE promotional channel to showcase and market your products and services to potential customers worldwide resulting in new business opportunities
  • Provide updated product and service information in a timely manner
  • A spectrum of products and services for buyers¡¦ selection with a fingertip
  • No investment in system or equipment
  • User-friendly administration and maintenance
  • Full technical and customer support

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